• Dr. Beki Kellogg

Farewell Bryce! You'll always be a part of the Hope Hearing family

Updated: Aug 5

It is with mixed feelings that it has come time for us to say farewell to Bryce!

As anticipated, Bryce is now gearing up to leave the state of Iowa and continue on in his pursuit of a Doctorate of Audiology at the University of Utah. We just wanted to take a moment and recognize how much of a blessing it was working with Bryce during his year with us at Hope Hearing! Although we are excited for him, we cannot help but feel that we are going to be missing a little piece of our family.

With that being said, farewells do not always have to be sad… and we genuinely couldn’t be happier for him as he continues on with his education! Bryce, we hope you take care of yourself out in Utah, although we already know you will! The University of Utah has gained a real gem and we know that you will continue to bless those around you!

Goodbye Bryce! You left us with some big (fancy) shoes to fill!

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