• Dr. Beki Kellogg

Meet Bryce, Our Hearing Instrument Specialist

Bryce is our Hearing Instrument Specialist Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center.

Bryce is originally from the Cedar Rapids area and after graduating high school he joined the United States Air Force. Following six years of service, he returned to Iowa to pursue his college degree. In 2021, he graduated from the University of Iowa with a BA in Speech and Hearing Sciences. He is planning on continuing his education in the pursuit of a Doctorate in Audiology, but decided to get some hands-on experience before pushing on. Originally arriving at the clinic to perform observations, Bryce was moved by the level of care and patients that came into the clinic. Those observation hours transformed into a full-time position.

Bryce is known for his unique sneakers - he has quite the collection! Be sure to check out what he’s wearing and let him know what you think.

Bryce feels the positivity that Hope Hearing radiates and it's the reason he's so passionate about his position within the team. His most gratifying experiences involve the evolution of a patient's hearing improvement through treatment - especially when they feel they can hear like they did before experiencing any issues.

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