• Dr. Beki Kellogg

Meet Duane - Improved Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Symptoms with Help from Hope

I started experiencing tinnitus probably three years go. The symptoms started mild, but then it got to the point where it became unnerving. My wife saw Dr. Kellogg on KCRG and reckoned I could use her services. I came down and she has helped me tremendously. My first consultation was wonderful, Dr. Kellogg is a very personable person and very knowledgeable. She checked my hearing, then offered a couple different hearing devices that might calm the symptoms down.

Since then: my hearing is better, conversations are better, and I don’t go “Huh?” quite as much. If people are suffering with tinnitus there is help and Dr. Kellogg offers that in a couple different forms. I highly recommend Hope Hearing to anybody with tinnitus or a hearing loss as she has helped me with both.

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