• Dr. Beki Kellogg

Meet Geri - Tinnitus Patient that Considers Her Treatment 'Life Saving'

I heard about Hope Hearing through a commercial that my husband actually watched and he encouraged me to connect with them that way. I needed something to hang on to, emotionally knowing that someone cared. After the first experience, and just going on their website I felt it almost immediately. That they were going to be people who cared about me, not just my tinnitus, but all of me.

I would describe this staff as, life-saving. Truly, I just hope everybody you know can experience what I experience and know that there is hope. They were kind and caring the minute I spoke to them on the phone, it just kind of reached right through the phone. I walked in the door and I knew I felt like I was home. The whole staff was just loving and caring. So yes, I would highly recommend Hope Hearing to anyone who is thinking that there isn't hope, because there is.

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