• Dr. Beki Kellogg

Meet Serena, Our Director of Operations

Updated: Sep 9

Serena is our Director of Operations at Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center.

She graduated from Mount Mercy College with a degree in public relations. Before arriving at Hope, she previously worked in retail management. Her previous relationship with Heather led her to the clinic. When a position became available, Serena was encouraged to apply and immediately became a great fit within the team.

Outside of spending time with her family, she enjoys poems and quotes - her phone is full of them! She has almost as many pictures of quotes as she does of her children. Every week she sends out a “Mindful Monday” quote meant to inspire and motivate the team to start the week off right. She leads with positivity and believes that being able to turn a negative to a positive leads to success in life.

Serena's favorite aspect of the position is the connections she makes with potential patients. When someone calls into our office to inquire about our services, they are speaking with her 99% of the time. Her goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and educated about their options. Whether in person or over phone, she wants to make a difference in the journey to improved hearing.

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