• Dr. Beki Kellogg

Meet Tania - She Appreciated the Variety of Options Hope Provided

Updated: Apr 26

I have been hard of hearing since I was five years old and I have been at Hope Hearing for a couple years now. I also have a vision problem, so it was very important for me to be able to hear. I called to schedule an appointment and when I walked in, I experienced instant comfort. Dr. Kellogg listened to what I needed and I thought that was cool that she could understand what I’m going through.

At the time, my hearing aids were going on seven years old, so I was due for some new ones. Other companies I have worked with in the past only had one option of hearing aid, but at Hope Hearing, I was looking at a variety of options. I knew I wanted to use hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities and I got to try three different devices each for a week before making my decision.

When your hearing aids start acting up, you want to get service on them right away. That wasn’t something I was getting with previous companies that I was working with. Here, it doesn’t take long to get my hearing aids serviced. They know me by name and are really good about getting me in right away. Overall, it feels very inviting to come and I know I’m gonna walk out of here with hearing aids that are giving me the benefit I need.

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