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Common Questions

How do I know if I need to come in for a hearing evaluation?

Talk to those who are around you the most and ask them if they think you are hearing well. Your significant other and close family and friends are normally the first to be encouraging of getting your hearing checked out.

The truth is you may not know what you are missing because you don’t hear perfectly, but it’ll be a mystery until you come see us!

"I’m too young to need a hearing evaluation!"

Aging and hearing loss starts at age 30, but many people experience hearing loss after one loud noisy experience that could happen at any age. Certain decibel levels over an extended period of time can cause hearing loss. To be the healthiest you can be schedule a hearing evaluation. 

"I don't want a hearing aid (device) - they're big, bulky and everyone can see it"

Nowadays devices are so small that people do not notice them. We offer a variety of styles to accommodate any cosmetic concerns.


Do you find noisy places (restaurants and group environments) difficult to follow conversation?


Do you have to look at someone to hear them?


Does anyone comment on how loud you prefer the TV volume?


Do women and children’s voices seem especially difficult?


Do you wonder why everyone seems to mumble nowadays?


Do you find yourself smiling and nodding without really knowing what the person you’re talking to said?


At what age should tinnitus be treated?

Anyone at any age can have tinnitus. I have treated patients with tinnitus from age 10 to 90 years and older, ALL receiving a benefit and improvement with their tinnitus!

Do you:

Find you cannot concentrate at times because your tinnitus is so loud?

Have trouble falling to sleep?

Find you are irritable or grouchy because you can’t get any peace and quiet?

Avoid silence?

Ask yourself "how am I supposed to live with this sound forever?"

Feel your tinnitus is impacting your ability to hear?

Experience mood swings along with the buzzing or ringing?

"These folks are great, they are always cheery and polite from the moment you enter the door till you leave. They will help you with your problems, they will find solutions and if your devices decide to act up they will fix that too. Warm atmosphere and very nice people there. Would recommend to anyone."

Travis Broell


There's Never Been a Better Time.

It's never too early or too late to reach out for an initial hearing evaluation. Our mission is to give all of our patients hope, relief and the ability to reclaim their normal lives. 

You can use our form below to let us know what's going on - we'll reach out to you as soon as we can. If you prefer, you can always call us directly at 319-393-2796 or visit us in person at our clinic, 1727 Boyson Rd in Hiawatha.

Dr. Kellogg has dedicated her professional life to the service of those affected by hearing loss and the unique challenges associated with tinnitus. 

Contact us to get hope, get relief, and get back to living life to the fullest.

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