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  • Hope Hearing was founded to give those suffering from tinnitus and hearing loss hope and relief. By the time people make it to our office they have been told repeatedly to "just live with it", there’s nothing you can do about it, just ignore it… 

  • Research has proven that we can treat tinnitus with an up to 80% and higher success rate. 

  • We debunk the belief that tinnitus isn’t treatable - something you have to cope with. Tinnitus is treatable.

  • Tinnitus treatment is easy, fits into your everyday life seamlessly and effortlessly. Most everyone who walks in is a candidate and the treatment is HIGHLY effective with no side effects.

Myths About Tinnitus

"No one else hears this sound?!"

MILLIONS of Americans suffer from tinnitus, 1 out of 5 people experience tinnitus.

"If I change my diet tinnitus will go away?"

This school of thought is that eliminating salt, caffeine, and/or alcohol will diminish the tinnitus. I have seen patients who say that these latter things do tend to enhance their tinnitus, which you should be aware of if you do notice a correlation with the intake of any of the above. Most commonly patients report complete elimination of all those things and still experience tinnitus. Tinnitus is an altered auditory processing sound that goes way beyond your diet.

"Only those with Hearing Loss experience Tinnitus"

Tinnitus and hearing loss can coexist but are separate conditions. 

"There are pills you can take to treat tinnitus"

No such pill. It is just a placebo effect if any and has no long term benefits or research to prove it is beneficial.

"It’s all in your head, just get over it"

Do you think you’d be reading this if that was the case?! We understand what parts of the brain tinnitus impacts. There is a place in your cortex that doesn’t allow you to have the switch to turn off tinnitus and we know what to do to help.


We will check all insurance benefits before you arrive so you can choose how you would like to proceed following the initial consultation. 

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*Medicare does not cover hearing and tinnitus treatment, however we can check benefits for a supplement plan*


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